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Did you know. . . .

Athletes of all ages are 60 times more likely to injure their teeth?
Participation in organized sports is a popular American pastime and dentists everywhere Recommend athletes of all ages wear a mouth guard. Mouth guards not only buffer blows and impacts that cause broken teeth and jaw injuries, studies have shown that they also reduce the rate and severity of concussions!

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For A Lifetime of Healthy Smiles!

In cases where a tooth cannot be saved and must be extracted, Dr. Brymer may recommend one of several treatment options to preserve both the beauty of your smile and the healthy function of your teeth. These options include implants, partials and bridges. After an extraction, Dr. Brymer has two main goals to consider in determining which option is best for you. The first is allowing for normal chewing and the second is to maintain proper alignment and spacing between teeth. A fixed bridge, a removable partial denture or a dental implant will accomplish both goals.

Bridges and partial dentures can replace single or multiple missing teeth. It is very common for a bridge or partial to replace 2, 3, 4 or even more teeth, as long as there are enough healthy teeth to attach the appliance. The primary difference between a bridge and a partial is the ability of the patient to remove the appliance. A bridge is not removable whereas a partial can be removed by the patient. Both will be made in a natural tooth color and appear to be a part of the natural smile.

Complete Dentures or “false teeth” can be made when there is a need to replace the full upper or lower arch of teeth. With the materials available today, dentures have a more natural appearance and are much more comfortable than in years past.

Today, advanced dental implant technology is often considered the best choice for replacing the extracted tooth. Implants offer more stability and most importantly, looks and functions just like the natural tooth. Candidates must have healthy gums and good bone structure as the implant is permanently secured to the bone. Many patients find dental implants to be much more comfortable than partials and bridges.

Caring for Dentures Partials and Bridges

You need to care for complete and partial dentures as carefully as your natural teeth.

  • Clean them every day. Plaque and tartar can build up on partials and bridges, just like they do on natural teeth.
  • Take them out every night. Brush your teeth and gums carefully, using a soft toothbrush. Be sure to clean and massage your gums.
  • Be sure and schedule regular cleanings at our office to maintain the health of your teeth.

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